select distinct chiens.`uid`,chiens.`race_uid` as uid_race_uid,CONCAT(r.race) as race_uid,chiens.`lof`,chiens.`nom`,chiens.`affixe`,chiens.`sexe`,chiens.`pere_uid` as uid_pere_uid,CONCAT(c1.nom," ",c1.affixe) as pere_uid,chiens.`mere_uid` as uid_mere_uid,CONCAT(c2.nom," ",c2.affixe) as mere_uid,chiens.`eleveur_uid` as uid_eleveur_uid,CONCAT(e.nom," ",e.prenom) as eleveur_uid,chiens.`proprietaire_uid` as uid_proprietaire_uid,CONCAT(p.nom," ",p.prenom) as proprietaire_uid from chiens LEFT JOIN races r ON (r.uid=chiens.`race_uid`) LEFT JOIN chiens c1 ON (c1.uid=chiens.`pere_uid`) LEFT JOIN chiens c2 ON (c2.uid=chiens.`mere_uid`) LEFT JOIN eleveurs e ON (e.uid=chiens.`eleveur_uid`) LEFT JOIN eleveurs p ON (p.uid=chiens.`proprietaire_uid`) where (chiens.pere_uid= or chiens.mere_uid=) ORDER BY lof LIMIT 0,25
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LOF Nom Affixe Sexe Pere Mere